IceGT's Watch Collection

I started collecting watches in late 2016. I enjoy collecting and take pride in what I've learned about horology (and hoarding). Everyone has a money dump. This is mine.

1999? Omega Speedmaster Auto/Reduced 3513.50.00

Back during the original Apollo missions, NASA gave Speedmasters to their Astronauts to keep time while floating around in space and landing on the moon. It was originally marketed for auto racing. This particular Speedmaster is not a moonwatch, but it is a Speedmaster. The guy who owned this before I did wore it daily for 2 or 3 years and made the claim that it lost 2 seconds per year, timing-wise.

Speedmasters are some of the nicest watches you can buy - think more accurate/reliable than a Rolex, Tudor, or TAG, but significantly less expensive. Obtaining a Speedmaster was on my TODO list for a while and I'm ecstatic that I finally own one.

SIDENOTE: The Speedmaster Professionals are the models with hand-wound movements; this is a Speedmaster Automatic (known to Omega folks as the "reduced" version) with an automatic movement - automatic meaning it self-winds as you move your wrist around.

I've been finding this one hard to keep from wearing!

Purchased: $1,000  ⌚  MSRP: $2,200 - $2,400

1957 Omega Seamaster Ref.#14363

Second to the Speedmaster is the Seamaster - this one is from 1957, making it 61 years old. For a watch of that age, it's in excellent shape. It's got a stainless steel case capped with 14 karat gold, and everything on it, including the Omega Cal. 500 movement, is original except for the crown and the new black leather band.

Omega introduced the Seamaster in 1948. The original Seamasters were the first to make use of O-ring gaskets for watertight sealing, making them superior to other watches when it came to handling changes in temperature and pressure. According to Wikipedia, the Omega Seamaster first made a diving record in 1955, when diver Gordon McLean reached a depth of 62.5 meters (205 ft) in Australia.

Purchased: $400

1992 Seiko 7002-700J Diver

This is the Japan-only variant of Seiko's famous 7002 diver. Mine features a Pepsi (red+blue) bezel and aftermarket black and gray NATO band, though I do still have the original Seiko band it came with.

I think that the bezel itself is a replacement, since I'm able to turn it both clockwise and counterclockwise. Most dive watches have unidirectional bezels that only let you turn them left/counterclockwise. This is so that, if you're actually going diving with it, you can mark the time at which you went underwater and won't accidentally drown yourself by bumping the bezel clockwise and running out of air sooner than expected.

Purchased: $160

2018 Orient Mako XL

The Mako XL is Orient's answer to Orient fans looking for a larger version of their Mako dive watch. It has an automatic movement manufactured by Orient and will run for a little under 2 days on a full wind.

This is, in my opinion, a very nice-looking watch and the black Maratac NATO band complements the look nicely. It's a good blend of fancy and sporty, which is probably why I wear it all the time - there's a tan line on my left wrist that matches the shape of this watch.

Purchased: $150  ⌚  MSRP: $320

1977 Seiko King Quartz 4821-8000

Seiko are a Japanese company known for making both affordable and reliable watches. This Seiko is a King Quartz HAQ JDM from 1977. It's a gold-plated stainless steel case with a replacement black leather band. The stylized double-L on the dial stands for "long life."

Seiko introduced their first lineup of quartz-movement watches in 1969. The Grand Quartz and King Quartz replaced the automatic Grand Seiko and King Seiko as the top-tier Seiko pieces. The King Quartz 4821 is the only King or Grand Quartz without a day/date indicator. Mine still keeps excellent time.

Purchased: $150

Victorinox Swiss Army 241648 GMT

A friend told me this was a good watch, so I took his word for it and bought one for myself. He was right, it's a great watch. In addition to being 100% Swiss, it's also got a virtually unscratchable crystal and keeps amazing time.

The GMT in the name refers to the little red hand that performs one full sweep every 24 hours. That's the GMT hand. It's useful if you travel a lot, or if you just want to keep track of what time it is in a different time zone.

Purchased: $135  ⌚  MSRP: $450

1970s Orient Sea King

I bought this Sea King from a guy in Utah who gave me its history as a display model, and later as a member of his own private collection. This one has a world time bezel containing cities arranged in their respective time zones. A lot of people tell me that the dial is reminiscient of a poker table.

I can confirm that this watch contains all-genuine Orient parts and the movement appears to be the original movement. The Sea Kings are notorious for being sold as originals while actually containing swapped-in parts from other vendors (the term "frankenwatch" refers to this), but this doesn't apply to the model I have. I need to take the movement to a jeweler for servicing at some point, I just haven't had the time.

Purchased: $111

2018 Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB

The 8926OB is one of those Rolex Submariner homage watches that virtually every watch company has. This is Invicta's take. The cool thing about the 8926OB is that bezel inserts for the Rolex Submariner fit on the Invicta perfectly, so I decided to swap out the all-black stock bezel with a red and black bezel meant for the Rolex, and I also popped off the link bracelet in favor of a red, white, and black NATO band.

Purchased: $80  ⌚  MSRP: $259

1980s Восток (Vostok) Amphibia

Восток is a now-Russian, then-Soviet watchmaking company who have a big factory in Chistopol, Tatarstan, Russia. It was founded in 1942 and continues manufacturing watches to this day, namely the Amphibia and Komandirskie, which are both solid watches.

I got this Amphibia from a Ukrainian dude. It's in passing shape, but only just - the dial is a bit bubbly, the crystal is slightly scuffed, and most of the lume has decayed off of the hands. It keeps time like a champ when wound up, though. It's a hand-wound mechanism.

Purchased: $80

Invicta 2188

A nice little fashion watch with a rose gold dial and chronograph. For an Invicta, it keeps good time. Not much else to say about it.

Purchased: $75  ⌚  MSRP: $320

Seiko 5 Automatic

This Seiko 5 comes with a blue sunburst dial that looks absolutely stunning in direct sunlight, a blue and white NATO band, and Seiko's own 7s26 movement.

Purchased: $70  ⌚  MSRP: $185

AVI-8 Lancaster Bomber 4020-04

AVI-8 is a British watch company whose designs are inspired by British warplanes. They pride themselves in making quality pilot watches that retail at very affordable prices. This one, the Lancaster Bomber, takes design inspiration from the famous aircraft of suspiciously similar nomenclature.

AVI-8 recently discontinued the 4020 model in favor of the more feature-rich 4050.

Purchased: $66  ⌚  MSRP: $66

Победа (Pobeda) Military Watch

I don't know a lot about this watch. All I know is that it was manufactured in the 1970s in the Soviet Union by Pobeda and it's in really good condition. Hand-wound.

Purchased: $60

Citizen Eco-Drive CA4358-58E

You can't call a watch collection complete without a watch that's powered by sunlight. Citizen's Eco-Drive line consists of watches that rely on solar power to move the hands. Everyone I know with an Eco-Drive always has something positive to say to that effect.

The Eco-Drive line was introduced in 1995. Citizen estimated in 2007 that the sale of their Eco-Drive watches resulted in the reduction of consumer waste to the tune of 10 million spent batteries.

Purchased: $57  ⌚  MSRP: $350 (awaiting arrival)

Invicta Pro Diver 13651

This is from Invicta's Pro Diver series. It's a rose gold watch with a stainless steel case. The movement inside of it is Swiss, but everything else is American.

The only modification I've done on this one is add the leather NATO style band.

Purchased: $49  ⌚  MSRP: $190

1970 Восток (Vostok) 2209 153/056

This was the first Russian/Soviet watch in my collection and I got it from a dude in Ukraine. The band is new old stock genuine lizard skin. The movement is hand-wound. I found an image of this watch in the 1970 Восток watch catalog being sold as a mens' fashion watch.

Purchased: ~$40

Skagen 572LSXM

Want to find cheap quartz fashion watches for barely a quarter of what they're really worth? Go on eBay and search "mens watch needs battery." That's how I got this Skagen 572LSXM. It's a Danish stainless-steel fashion watch with a very low profile.

I bought this for $22 and the nice lady at the jewelry store gave me a replacement battery for free since they had seen my face around a few times before. All in all, a pretty good deal.

Purchased: $22  ⌚  MSRP: $125

Fossil fashion watch

Like the Skagen, another eBay "mens watch needs battery" deal.

Purchased: $8  ⌚  MSRP: $80???