Smilodon Populator, what an impressive beast, also despite what everyone thinks this guy wasn't at the top of the food chain, the american lion was. Features: -1 ragdoll and a playermodel Credits: ( Original model ) was made by and belongs to ( umar6419 ) --- The physics and skeleton were made by ( TitaniumSpyborgBear ) ((me)) ( Hey, wanna become a real cub? click here to join the TSBB fan club )

nZombies - Offize

cs_office map adaptation for nZombies mod

Ok, this is one of my first maps for nZ, hope you enjoy it.

-You need the nZombies mod
-The weapons I used for the map are from FA:S collection.
-The map is lineal
-There is Easter Egg

I will update the map if needed, please tell me about bugs

[TFA] E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy SWEPS - FIXED

Same thing as the old E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy SWEPs, however:

-Those have the v_hands fixed
-Swords and weapon combos are working again
-Removed the scopes of weapons that didn't have them originally.
-Added the Medkit (Can heal you + Players)

Let them know the broken leg dudes are back in town! With more Brozouf to spend than ever!

Plans for the future:
-Add Kinder Grenades.


I personally like public transit, but from what I understand, this is a lot of people's worst nightmare.

Kumatora (Mother 3)

Kumatora, the tomboy princess from Mother 3 (or EarthBound 2).

This custom model has around 57 shapekeys, 2 bodygroups, and her boots. 

Don't forget to rate. Comment if anything.  

(Paula and Ninten coming soon)

Nombat - The Last of Us

The Last of Us ambient sound.
I was wondering how it was possible that no one had yet created it. I always have to do it all by myself ...

HerrDoktor's Hellreigel

"The Standschütze Hellriegel 1915 is a water-cooled submachine gun produced in very limited numbers for the Austro-Hungarian reserves (Standschütze) during World War I, by a designer identified only as "Hellriegel". A highly obscure weapon, no complete examples are known to still exist, and little official documentation remains. As a result, its operating mechanisms, exact production numbers and development history are all based on speculation. However, photographic evidence exists of it in live-fire tests which are dated October 1915, making it one of the earliest submachine gun designs in history.

The weapon could be fed from either box magazines or chute-fed. Contrary to its in-game depiction, the drum magazine developed for the Hellriegel could not be attached to the weapon itself; it was designed to be carried by another soldier. It is unknown why the weapon did not progress beyond the prototype stage."~Battlefield Wiki, Hellriegal 1915

Swep Info:
Name: Hellreigal
Base Damage: 25
Rate of Fire: 650
Number of Shots: 1
Magazine: 260

Name: Hellreigal (dual)
Base Damage: 25
Rate of Fire: 650
Number of Shots: 2
Magazine: 260

Colorshy: The editor of M9k code that this SWep uses.
INCONCEIVABLE!: The creator of the original M9k packs, who pretty much made all of this possible.

Just me. It works and works well.

It may look like a big scary gun, but it's not. It's a rather wimpy, but spammy, peice of work. Aslong as you get good hits, it'll chew through health reiliably. This is due to it's pistol ammunition, which is a defining trait of a SMG (rapid fire, high capacity, pistol ammunition). But hey, it's a fun gun.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Police Department NPCs

If any of you have seen the lovely player model pack by  ( Kerry ) found  ( here ), then you're probably familiar with the amount of asks for NPCs.

So with permission granted by Kerry, I've made an NPC pack. The NPCs come in both their armored and unarmored variant, as well as hostile (combine) versions of each. There are 20 total spawns, and 10 skins for both hostile and friendly NPCs (5 unarmored and 5 armored variants per relationship).

Find them under the VCPD section of the NPCs tab.

Eagle County,CO (As LSSD) Texture Pack

Eagle County,CO (As LSSD) Texture Pack! 

 ( Join My Group )

Can we get 1,000 Likes?


Credits - BradM - Made Skins - GamingSP - Put Skins On Vehicles In Gmod. Skins SGM's 2013 FPIU aka Explorer - Hold C right click skins right click skin2, TDM's 2012 Dodge Charger - Hold C right click skins right click skin8, TDM's New 2011 Crown Vic - Hold C right click skins right click skin7, SM's 2015 Chevy Tahoe - Hold C right click skins right click skin3, TDM's 2013 FPIS aka Taurus - Hold C right click skins right click skin8, LW Chevy Tahoe - Hold C right click skins right click skin3, & 2016 FPIU aka Explorer - Hold C right click liveries right click Eagle_County,CO_LSSD. Questions Q: Do You Take Requests? A: Kinda. Q: Why do I see errors? A: Make sure you have downloaded all of the required items. Q: What are you using for the lights? A: Photon, & VCMOD. Q: What maps are screenshots taken in? A: TDM Showrooms Other questions or issues ask/tell me below. DO NOT MODIFY OR REUPLOAD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! Besure to check out my other workshop items. © 2017 All Rights Reserved.